You’re Worth It and Deserve to Feel your Best

Written by Dr. Nirvana

March 15, 2023
You are not a disease.
In truth, you are your own unique puzzle of genetics, vitality, and toxin exposure. Not to mention you have your own unique story of past and present life experiences.
All of it is you, and all of it needs to be considered by your Doctor if you want to do more than just mask symptoms. Don’t worry if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes solving your own health puzzle can be overwhelming and lead you down a lot of dead ends.
That’s where I come into the picture.
Instead of ignoring you or brushing off your symptoms, I’ve helped my patients over the years, by listening to them as they describe their symptoms to determine how I can best help to resolve their concerns.
By helping you to recognize the patterns that are happening in your life, I guide you through the most appropriate pathways and labs that will get you the answers you’ve been searching for about the root of your health issues. And, ultimately, create a path to optimal health.
If you are ready to dive in and fix the root causes of your health problems (with a compassionate approach), I am here to help.
You can start working with me in a one-on-one healing environment with either a phone or in-person consultation. Then we’ll explore your health issues and goals to create a process together that you can use to begin your journey to wellness.
Because you’re worth it!
you're worth it and deserve to be heard

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