You CAN get Pregnant

Written by Dr. Nirvana

February 18, 2022

Fertility is a Possibility 

Most people don’t realize that fertility is fluid and ever-changing throughout a person’s reproductive life.

For example, women with PCOS (which is generally associated with 70% of all cases of infertility) are all too often told they won’t be able to have a child, but this simply isn’t true. In fact, these women often have plenty of eggs, and 80% of them can get pregnant – especially with complementary care to balance the diet, blood sugars and insulin levels. As a write this, I just received a call from a PCOS patient who told me she was pregnant! She was shocked as she never thought it would be possible.

Also, infertility is not just an issue in women. Actually about 30% of all cases are due to female factors, another 30% are linked to male factors, and the remaining 40% can be traced back to both. Let’s not forget that what men eat and are exposed to in their environment (heavy metals and other toxins) are what their sperm are made of as well.

And women and men can develop certain fertility issues due to injuries, infections, surgeries, medications and certain medical conditions. Yet, despite the equal-opportunity nature of the problem, far fewer men than women in couples trying to get pregnant have ever had a workup. Struggles with infertility can be frustrating for couples, but there is hope. Contact me to schedule an appointment.


Overcoming infertility is possible.

getting pregnant with infertility

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