What you Need to Know about the Coronavirus

Written by Dr. Nirvana

March 9, 2020

Coronavirus Facts

Natural Prevention against Coronavirus


What you Need to Know

Hearing news of canceled events, travel bans, and quarantines can be unsettling for sure. You start to wonder whether coronavirus is the next bubonic plague, or if it’s just a bad cold that you’ll catch and get over. One news outlet says it’s going to wipe us all out, others say it’s overblown and the world needs a chill pill. You start to wonder whether officials are telling the truth, and if they’re leaving out scary information to avoid a public frenzy.

Here are a few quick facts about coronavirus:

  • It’s not new — the first strains were discovered in the 1960s. You’ve probably been exposed to at least one strain of coronavirus at some point in your life.
  • Regular old influenza is still far more concerning to the medical community with regard to spread, severity, and deaths. There are 86 identified cases of coronavirus cases and two deaths in the US. For perspective, this season, flu infected 45 million Americans and caused 61,000 deaths.
  • Usually, epidemics most severely affect infants, the elderly, and people who are already dealing with severe health issues. Coronavirus doesn’t seem to affect infants, children, and healthy adults very severely, and a large portion of the elderly and health compromised people are making full recoveries.

So, does that mean you should ignore the coronavirus hype? No, it’s not a good idea to act like nothing’s happening. There are ways to reduce your chance of getting it and be ready to fight it if you need to. A strong immune system is key to coming out on the other side of a pandemic stronger than you were before. Here are some things you can try.


Preventing Coronavirus Infections

Whether you feel sick or not, there are things you can do to keep your immune system strong and ready for anything that comes your way. Here are some basic practices to keep your systems running efficiently.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C may prevent illness. One study showed that participants who took daily vitamin C supplements were less likely to get a cold and those who did fall ill recovered faster. Vitamin C is easy to take, inexpensive to buy and available at every grocery store and pharmacy. But to get the full benefits, consider doing a Vitamin C IV at least once a week to keep your immune system fighting at full force.



The Coronavirus seems to spread much like flu, through coughs and sneezes. Once contracted, it lives and replicates in the tissues that line the airways. Secretions from these tissues – mucus and saliva – therefore also contain the virus. When an infected person coughs, sneezes, or simply talks, tiny droplets of moisture are expelled into the air, carrying the virus out of the body. Unless you are directly in the firing line, you should be safe. Droplets travel only up to 7ft. If you’re looking to keep the bugs at bay, consider sucking on some zinc lozenges to line your upper respiratory tract with viral boosting support!



When the lung tissue is exposed to toxins and other factors that increase oxidative stress, glutathione concentrations are depleted and sometimes blocked from being recycled back into its usable form. When lungs are stressed with a respiratory tract infection, their capacity to clear immune factors and fight against viral and bacterial sources becomes challenged. Increasing glutathione concentrations in the lung therefore, can be beneficial in getting over a cold and recovering lung function/ capacity. It only takes 5 minutes to receive a glutathione IV to keep your lungs and your antioxidant levels up to par!


Constitutional Hydrotherapy

A fever is your body’s way of turning up the heat on bacteria and viruses. Most germs can only live in a certain small temperature range, so those few extra degrees that register on your thermometer can tip the balance and kill harmful microorganisms in droves. You can raise your core temperature using a dry sauna, infrared sauna, or a hot bath. Once you’ve warmed your body for 20 minutes or so, switch to a cold shower. Cold constricts your lymph vessels which pushes fluid along. When you have a cold, lymph collects waste products like dead bacteria and damaged cells, and moves them through to your lymph nodes for elimination. Clearing waste out of the way helps your immune system work more efficiently and pulls you closer to recovery.


Get Herbal

  • Oregano contains carvacrol, a broad-spectrum antimicrobial compound that chips away at a virus’ membrane capsule (capsid), causing it to dissolve
  • Clove has antiviral and antioxidant properties that can lessen the severity of an illness
  • Bupleureum root, a Chinese herb, contains saikosaponin, a compound that has demonstrated effectiveness against several coronavirus strains.
  • Goldenseal and Oregon grape root both contain berberine, which is an antibacterial and antiviral compound that science shows is effective against flu
  • Mullein has been used traditionally for thousands of years for respiratory conditions, even severe illnesses like pneumonia. Its compounds have anti-inflammatory properties, which can soothe irritated airways, and it is an expectorant, which could break up mucus.


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