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Written by Dr. Nirvana

November 13, 2018

Vitamin Shot Specials and FAQ

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As a Naturopathic Doctor, I am often asked a variety of health questions related to vitamins. The most popular questions are centered around the benefits of the B-Vitamins. Because of the demand in curiosity I decided to group some of the answers to why the B-Vitamins are so beneficial below. I hope they shine some clarity on some of your curiosities as well.

1. Why are there so many different B-Vitamins? 

B-Vitamins are a group of eight chemically distinct vitamins, each one performing unique functions with specific benefits. They help convert our food into energy and play important roles in different aspects of cell metabolism, helping you stay energized throughout the day. But they are also important in promoting healthy skin and hair, balancing moods and relieving stress, helping mental clarity and focus, supporting cardiovascular health, preventing migraines, and promoting immunity.

2. Are each of the B vitamins equally important?

YES! They all function in unique manners throughout the body and each body system, hormone pathway or organ can require a different B-Vitamin to help serve it best. For example, vitamin B6 (also known as pyridoxine) is beneficial in feeding the hormone pathways of the body for optimum balance. You can find Vitamin B6 in either the B-Vital or Mega Shot™.

3. What are the symptoms of B-Vitamin deficiency?

Symptoms of a deficiency depend on what type of Vitamin B you lack. The most common deficiency is B12 deficiency, which is actually relatively common. It causes lethargy, fatigue, weakness, anemia, memory loss, and neurological problems and even psychiatric problems. B vitamin deficiencies can cause all sorts of problems however, ranging from headaches, irritability, and confusion to anemia or a compromised immune system, to fatigue. Skin rashes, dry skin, cracks at the corners of the mouth, frequent bruising, and wounds that require a long time to heal can be symptoms. Muscle weakness, a lack of coordination, and numbness or tingling in the fingers and toes may also occur.

4. Can B-Vitamins only be given in a Shot?

As a matter of fact, B-vitamins can also be given in higher concentrations in an intavenous form or IV Infusion. IVs are a great option for those looking to receive high quantities of more than one vitamin, such as Vitamin C, electrolytes, and minerals.

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