The Truth Behind IV Therapy

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As a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor, practicing for more than 10 years, I mainly focus on using IV nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals for treatment. I trained with an extensive curriculum focused on the benefits and proper administration of these nutrients while in Naturopathic Medical School. I dedicated countless hours to understanding the correct combination of the nutrients with the patient’s health. What I learned in med schools helps me to avoid giving treatments which result in negative side effects leading to potentially detrimental results.

Within the past couple of years, there has been a significant increase in “IV administration facilities” throughout Orange County, offering what appears to be similar services. Unfortunately, these centers are often run by Nurses or MDs- such as ER Doctors or Anesthesiologists. These Practitioners are licensed medical professionals, however, most only have very basic training on how to administer an injection or IV. Additionally, most traditional, Western medical schools offer NO training in Nutrition. They may have good intentions, but they do not have anywhere the understanding like that of a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor.  It takes a lot of knowledge to understand how to combine Nutraceutical elements such as vitamins and antioxidants into IV bags to treat patients safely.

A true medical professional in Naturopathy dedicates their life to understanding the complex and delicate qualities of natural elements. All of these elements are necessary for optimal health.

Vitamins may be a natural ingredient but they still can be very dangerous. For example, some may think adding a little bit of Vitamin C to an IV bag would not cause harm. This is a major misconception! Vitamin C can be one of the most deadly antioxidants for some ethnicities. Each person has different rates of absorption and effect with all elements, including vitamins and minerals. Also, vitamins and minerals have varying osmolarities and the rate of flow through the IV.  A well-trained doctor knows how much sterile water, sodium chloride or detxtrose a patient needs according to their current health. Using expertise and a full exam, naturopathic doctors create a complex formula best suited for properly trained Naturopathic Doctors.

My Approach to IV Therapy as a Naturopathic Doctor in Newport Beach, California

In my practice, I’ve developed relationships with facilities that use only ingredients and products made in the United States. I use only the absolute best and purest nutrients that go into each IV. I work hard to ensure the amount and efficacy of each vitamin and mineral is absolutely perfect. The treatments I administer is tailored to each patient and their specific needs. Each person is unique, so each IV needs to match the patient and their specific situation.

My patient’s well-being is of the utmost importance. I wish to share this information with those interested in receiving IV therapies or vitamin injections. It is my duty as a Naturopathic Doctor to first cause no harm and to use the best practices to administer natural healing methods.

Whether or not you choose a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor, please investigate the person administering the IV. Ask them questions! Questions regarding their training in IV therapies, how they come up with their formulations, and if the IVs are custom-made.  Most importantly, ask if they add pharmaceutical medications to the IV.  If so, many undermine the effects of the treament; therefore, defeating the benefits of receiving an IV made of pure nutrition for the purpose of healing the body, naturally.