Dr. Nirvana’s Top 5 Natural Fat Burning Foods

How to Eat and Lose Weight

As a Naturopathic Doctor, my focus on healing has a lot to do with the idea that Food is Medicine, especially when it comes to weight loss. Throughout my years in Practice, I have gathered knowledge about ancient medicines from my travels around the globe and integrate this information into my treatment protocols.

With so much information on-line nowadays, there’s a sea of opinions which can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused. Weekly, I consult with teams of experts in my field for the newest research available and weave this information with my knowledge base to create health and nutrition for the body and soul.

Addressing weight loss with this same approach allows me to address the underlying cause while helping my patients lose weight quickly. If you’re interested in knowing more about how food heals the body, the Medical Medium has several books discussing the whys and hows behind it all. I’m a huge fan of all of his books! For those of you who want to burn stubborn fat, naturally, I recommend my top five natural fat burning foods; that are going to give you results far beyond losing fat.

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Contain a good amount of electrolytes and soluble fiber, making them ideal for promoting hydration and detoxification. Remember, where fat goes, toxins follow. So if you are experiencing a hard time releasing weight, it may be due to a high toxic load in your body.


An adaptogenic herb that reduces cortisol levels in the body (the stress hormone) and is effective in controlling changes in neurotransmitters that may lead to overeating. This adaptogenic berry also fights the adrenal fatigue that is linked to weight gain.


The “little star” of the weed family, Chickweed not only subdues heat and lubricates dry conditions, but also regulates water levels and drives off excess dampness and fats in the body. These actions show that it stimulates both sides of the metabolism, building and breaking down, not only through the liver but also through the endocrine system.


The microbes that make up our gut flora are involved in weight control, appetite, and neurotransmitter production.  This means that everything from your mood and energy levels to your ability to prevent common colds is tied to your gut. Cabbage contains tartroric acid which hinders conversion of sugar/ carbohydrates into fat while healing the inner lining of the gut with Vitamin U. Yes you read that correct!

Sea Vegetables

Are considered some of the healthiest foods on earth, known to dramatically help with weight loss. They help restore the body’s proper pH, prevent nutrient deficiencies, curb hunger and detoxify the blood, while up regulating a sluggish metabolism.


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