The Secrets of Circadian Rhythm: A Blueprint for Optimal Health

Written by Dr. Nirvana

February 2, 2024
Imagine your body as a fancy theater production that runs on its own 24-hour-ish clock. Behind the scenes, 3 master hormones, cortisol, melatonin, and leptin, take charge and call the shots. This nifty diagram is your backstage pass to structuring your day like a pro. By following its guidance, you’ll ensure all these hormone systems are running smoothly, paving the way for balanced hormones and efficient energy.
1. Ideally you want to catch a few minutes of sunrise before any other light hits your eyes, This allows your body to turn off melatonin and turn on cortisol. Sunrise is when the sun is between 0-10 degrees on the horizon & you can find out when this is happening by using the dminder app. It’s ok if there are trees. buildings, clouds or even rain in the way of the sun. You still get the light signal that you need by going outside. Stay out for as long as you can, but as little as 1 minute will give your body the correct signal.
2. If you must look at your phone or other lights before sunrise, keep your phone screen on red and consider wearing blue blockers (yellow or orange) around your house until you can peek out to see sunrise with naked eyes.
3. If you have to be in your car while sunrise is happening, roll down or crack a window (or open your sunroof). Your body will get the appropriate signal regardless.
4. If you must be indoors – crack or open a window Screens are ok, but glass will block some of the beneficial rays. These are quick and easy ways to balance your circadian rhythm for healthier hormones, weight loss, mood and sleep all year round!
circadian rhythm clock

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