The Nirvana Diet™


One Person’s Medicine can be Another Person’s Poison

Many believe that by practicing good eating habits, they are doing their body good. But what if you found out that the foods you thought were healthy, were actually causing your body more harm? Just because a food is known to be healthy, doesn’t mean it’s healthy for your body. An apple may be terrific for one person but it may literally be poison to another person. I see this with almost every one of my patients, and this is why I created the Nirvana Diet ™ .

A Revolutionary Approach to Healing your Body

After more than a decade of treating a multitude of hormonal, auto-immune and gut related ailments, I recognized that the most effective treatment would have to begin at the genetic level.  Our genes contain the secret to unlocking the strongest and most regenerative healing tools.  Our personal DNA is the first and most important key to healing. For this reason, I developed a unique scientific approach using cutting-edge genomic tools. By unlocking this data, my patients improve their health dramatically with guided and specific personal nutrition plans. It’s as simple as that. Your body will dictate what it needs, therefore your job is simply to listen and take action.

What is the Nirvana Diet?

It begins with blood test.  We will examine specific markers in your blood that provide us with personal insight about how your body reacts to foods. Without a doubt, you’ll be stunned to know that foods you thought were healthy and foods you are often eating, are causing you painful inflammation and further symptoms of fatigue, headaches, weight gain, hormone imbalances, hair loss, or brain fog.

Is the Nirvana Diet Right for Me?

This is the perfect program for those who:
Have visited many Doctors, and have yet to find a solution.
Just can’t seem to keep the weight off.
Have tried every type of diet and nothing seems to work.
Wonder why they can’t tolerate “healthy” foods that others are wild about.
Suffer from constant fatigue.
Experience regular gas, bloating or acid reflux.
Pain in joints and muscles.
Increased Hair Thinning or Hair Loss.
Memory decline.

As you begin the program, you will balance your hormones, regain energy, release weight, grow thicker hair, restore skin brightness and elasticity, release pain from joints and muscles and get more done throughout the day — while living a healthier life. Don’t be surprised if people notice a special radiant ‘glow’ about you, as you will be beaming with joy!

Getting Started

Your body is unique, and therefore it requires an approach that is individual to your own genetics. One that regenerates your cells to heal and come back to life. From the foods you eat, to the supplements you take; a custom-made protocol will be created just for you. Unlock the keys to your body’s specific design, Contacting me.