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Gia T. Irvine, CA
Dr Nirvana has such a passion for what she does, it shines through in the way she treats her patients. She is genuine and personable, yet professional. *
Blake L. Huntington Beach, CA
Her Vitamin IV Treatments are amazing. They have not only boosted my immune system and balanced my digestive system, but they have pumped up my energy all around. On top of that, Dr Nirvana is the kindest and most considerate health care provider I’ve ever encountered.*
Stephanie, Newport Beach, CA
I have known Dr. Nirvana for over 5 years and have been a consistent client. What sets her apart is her genuine interest in each person’s well-being, health and positive results. She makes herself and therapies accessible at various locations in Orange County, in addition to her primary office. Her website and e-newsletters are relevant and current, providing information to a world that needs better health and easy, individualized solutions. Thank you, Dr. Nirvana, for your commitment to all of us!*
Gina G. Dana Point, CA
I love Dr. Nirvana! I have never felt better in my life. My weight is the least it’s been in twenty years, my mood and health are amazing. My body naturally wants to get healthier and healthier because everything is in balance. My blood sugar is stable and I don’t crave sugar and my lifelong sugar addiction is completely manageable. We make a great team. She didn’t push, just let me make changes when I was ready.*
Linda R. Newport Beach, CA
Dr. Nirvana has helped me through Hormone and Adrenal issues. I have also gone to her for IV’s when I was really sick and B Shots on a regular basis to support wellness. Dr. Nirvana has been my Doctor for many years now and I am now in the best health I have been in 20 years. I love the natural remedies and her approach to total wellness with food and supplements. I couldn’t be happier knowing I have her expertise in my corner. Thank you Dr. Nirvana!*
Mimi L. Newport Beach, CA
I have been getting Dr Nirvana’s B complex shots for over a few months and they are amazing. She is highly professional, and compassionate. I’ve seen a huge difference in my energy, and clarity since receiving these shots. I tried another provider that was a bit cheaper/closer to my work but did not have the same results as Dr Nirvana.*
Paul T. Newport Beach, CA
From the moment I walked into Dr. Nirvana’s office, I knew I found a special person and Doctor. You know how some people you first meet just have that ‘special’ energy about them? That is Dr. Nirvana in a nutshell. World class service, knowledge, attention and care. I myself am not a person who is easily impressed by many. I am a person with extremely high standards to meet. I can’t simply say enough about Dr. Nirvana as a person and Natural Doctor, and this comes from a patient of hers for well over six years now.*

*results vary from person to person

Dr. Nirvana Tehranian is a Licensed and Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor.

She specializes in Holistic and Integrative Medicine. Her focus is on helping each patient achieve optimal health in body, mind and spirit. She continually seeks out new healing modalities through training and travel, working extensively with compounding labs to bring her patients the purest, most effective natural medicine.


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