Stop Damaging your Metabolism

Written by Dr. Nirvana

January 13, 2022

Welcome to Regenerate You™!

On this episode I discuss dieting and  your metabolism as well as what you can do to prevent damaging it. 

Metabolic damage occurs when your body’s metabolism (essentially how your bodies utilize energy) has adjusted into “survival mode” from periods of intense restriction, exercise, and/or stress. It’s actually better described as ‘metabolic acclimation’ because it has acclimated or gotten used to the new ‘norm’ of energy utilization it is experiencing.

I’ll dive into how it affects your hormones and what you can do to stop dieting all together.

Here is the link to how essential carbs are for your thyroid health that I reference in the podcast.

To learn more about knowing what to eat based on your genetics, click here.

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And remember, when you regenerate, there’s a new you every day!

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