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A Simple Vegan Snack Idea


I like my food simple, just like my medicine. Natural ALL the way. This recipe is as it looks: A piece of whole-grain toast, with smashed peas and sliced avocado on top. It’s topped with a sprinkle of salt and sprouted mung beans which are packed with antioxidants. For an added boost of Vitamin C, add a splash of lemon juice at the very end.

The great thing about snacks like these is that you can make them fast and incorporate them on a weekly, or even daily basis. We all lead really busy lives, so making manageable, healthy additions to our diets is important.

vegan avocado toast snack idea vegan snack



Build a Diet Plan with Dr. Nirvana

I love sharing all of the great recipes I come up with while working in the kitchen. No matter how much I share on my blog, there is nothing that beats meeting patients face to face to help build a naturopathic plan for them. When I meet with clients we go through every aspect of their health to come up with a course of action to build a strong foundation of health. This includes everything from small things like incorporating vegan snacks to incorporating outside help from naturopathic treatments, like my IV therapies.


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