A Simple Liver Cleanse

Written by Dr. Nirvana

December 15, 2020

Cleansing gallbladder sludge is crucial for optimal gallbladder function and liver detox. What many people are unaware of is that the gallbladder is one of the primary organs involved in digestion and helps with the breakdown of fats and absorption of fat-soluble nutrients while also ensuring an optimal terrain in the small intestine. And there is one root veggie that can help promote healthy bile flow and liver health, which is oh-so beautiful beet root! One of the primary benefits of beetroot is its ability to promote bile flow and cleanse gallbladder sludge.

The Glorious Benefits of Beets


1. Constipation

Having healthy daily bowel movements is essential for any liver detox or colon cleansing program. Eating beets is one of the best ways to relieve constipation by promoting bile flow and thus peristalsis. Using beet juice for constipation is one of the secret benefits of beet juice that not a lot of people know. Having a healthy bowel movement can entail more than just the generic advice of drink more water and eat more fiber. Beet juice helps to relieve constipation by improving bile flow from the gallbladder, and bile helps to stimulate peristalsis in the intestinal tract, making sure that everything is moving along as it should. Whole-body detoxification is improved when the bowels are working optimally.

2. Skin Health

Beetroot juice is also beneficial for the skin as the skin is also another detoxification organ. If the gallbladder detoxification pathway is sluggish in the body, then toxins can come out through the skin, causing all sorts of skin concerns such as rashes, blemishes, etc. If you’re finding that your skin has lost its luster and needs a refresh boost, consider trying the GLOW IV™. I formulated this infusion to feed your tissues the most nourishing vitamins while removing harmful toxins from the body!

4. Weight Loss

Toxins are stored in fat cells, which is why cleansing safely and correctly is crucial for weight loss. If the liver and gallbladder can’t effectively and safely detox, the body will not use the stored fat in fat cells with lots of toxins until the body can detox the toxins stored in the fat cells.The first step in any liver detox protocol is to first open up the elimination pathways by improving bile flow from the gallbladder. Toxins are eliminated out of the liver and body via the bile and through the gallbladder. If the elimination routes are sluggish due to a build-up of gallbladder sludge and thick stagnant bile, it is difficult to lose weight. Beet juice helps to cleanse the gallbladder and liver by opening up this crucial elimination route in the body.


There is a big connection between SIBO and gallbladder problems. If you have SIBO symptoms, gallbladder pain, fat mal-absorption, or SNPs in the PEMT gene then beetroot will be very beneficial for you. Beet’s can promote antimicrobial bile flow. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth can be a recurrent issue if gallbladder function is not addressed, and bile flow is not optimized. Bile is antimicrobial and helps to prevent small intestinal bacterial overgrowth through bile’s antimicrobial properties.Beetroot juice is wonderful for flushing gallbladder sludge naturally. If bile is thick and sludgy, then it won’t flow out of the gallbladder effectively.


Now who’s ready to juice some beets?


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