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I love Dr. Nirvana! I have never felt better in my life. My weight is the least it’s been in twenty years, my mood and health are amazing. My body naturally wants to get healthier and healthier because everything is in balance. 

Gina G.

Dana Point, CA

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Why do I love Facial Nova products?

Because they’re using cutting edge science in their products without the expensive price tags. Their products infuse nourishing ingredients with the skin’s natural signaling components, also known as peptides. This tells your skin to “remodel” itself, meaning to rebuild from scratch. Peptides essentially tell the skin what to do. For example if you tell the skin you need more collagen then the body may respond by supporting production. Since collagen is what helps the skin look plump and firm, products that may help protect and encourage collagen levels could be a key part of any anti-aging skincare routine. Some peptide-packed products may help boost hydration levels while others may tell a muscle to temporarily freeze, which could help soften the look of a wrinkle. Specific peptides could also help skin feel softer and smoother, while others are focused on collagen. Facial Nova is one of the very few products that have actually made a noticeable difference in my skin and eyes without chemicals or harsh ingredients. Truly the best natural topical skin care and eye health products on the market.




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