L I V E   Y O U R   H E A L T H I E S T   L I F E

Optimize your Health with a Simple Test – For Good

As a Naturopathic Doctor I often talk about how to make healthy eating more realistic. There’s a lot that’s within your control, like focusing on eating whole, healthy foods instead of counting calories, and organizing your kitchen to make it harder to accidentally overindulge.

But I also know that eating well isn’t just about choosing to do so—genetics determine a lot, too. With that in mind, I created the DrNirvana Diet™ to pinpoint how genetics are effecting my patient’s nutritional needs.

As it turns out, your saliva holds a lot of surprising information about how you can live the healthiest life.nutrigenomics dna diet optimize health weight loss newport beach doctor

So what exactly does the DrNirvana Diet™ reveal? It’s actually more straight forward than you might imagine. We know that the one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition is not working and that individualized nutrition support is crucial to health and optimizing body composition and performance.

The DrNirvana Diet helps by giving you results that help you to see such things as whether a high-protein or high-fat diet may be best for weight loss, your inherent tendency to eat between meals, whether you have lactose and gluten intolerances, your motivation to exercise, and even your propensity for Achilles tendon injuries. All these things are coded in your genes.

YOU have the potential to make big impacts on your long-term health, and that’s the real takeaway here. Making huge changes to overhaul your diet usually isn’t necessary—instead, it’s all about making tiny yet sustainable changes that will deliver BIG results down the line.

Are you ready to discover the secrets in your genetic codes and change your life for the better?  Are you looking to be energized without the help of caffeine, live a life without medications, and increase your health overall, with the help of The DrNirvana Diet™? Then contact us to begin today.