Natural Solutions to Healing your Anxiety

Written by Dr. Nirvana

September 9, 2020

Hello Everyone, welcome to Regenerate You, I’m Dr. Nirvana!

On this episode, I sit down with two of my very favorite ladies from the Resting Mind. We discuss how they help women heal their anxiety through simple approaches by creating habits for sustainable change.

This interview is longer than my normal episodes, but if you’re ready to focus on you again, without apology, to heal your anxiety; then this Podcast is a must-listen! Jackie & Mimi will help you to bridge the gap between your conscious goals and your subconscious settings (the things that keep you stuck), so you can have the life you want! They offer easy techniques you can use every day, that result in releasing unhealthy habits!

You can find out more about Jackie & Mimi on their podcast, website, or join their FB Group! They’re a wealth of scientific information while incorporating emotion and environmental habits as well.

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