Natural Relief for Menopause

As unpleasant as menopause is, it’s a fact of life that every woman will eventually have to deal with. So the question is, “is there a way to get through menopause and still feel ‘normal’? While the idea of, ‘normal’ may vary from woman to woman, a study published through Harvard Health, shared a few ideas around dealing with the symptoms of menopause that just might help you feel like your old self again.

natural menopause relief

Irregular bleeding

While some bleeding is normal during the pre-menopausal and menopausal years, it’s important to know when the bleeding isn’t normal.

  • You have periods that last three days longer than usual.
  • You have menstrual cycles that are shorter than 21 days.
  • You have heavy monthly bleeding
  • You have spotting

Mood swings and depression

Due to the extreme shift in hormones, many women experience mood swings and depression. Try incorporating these habits to alleviate symptoms:

  • Get regular sleep.
  • Add exercise to your daily schedule; cardio and strength.
  • Add yoga to alleviate stress.

Weight gain

While it seems as though weight gain is a lifelong issue for most women, fighting the, ‘middle aged spread,’ during menopause is almost inevitable. To help you get your best again, here are a few suggested tips:

  • Add or increase exercise to your daily schedule.
  • Focus on cardio exercise; walking, running, swimming, to help prevent fat accumulation around the mid-section.
  • Eat healthy. Avoid processed foods, excess refined carbohydrates and excessive amounts of caffeine and alcohol.

Dry skin and hair

No matter what our age, as women we always like to keep our hair and skin in check. However, a decline in estrogen often causes both hair and skin to become a bit dry and dull. To combat, try the following:

  • Protect skin from the sun by using sun blocks, hats and protective clothing.
  • Make sure to incorporate more essential fatty acids in your diet such as nuts, seeds, salmon, and coconut oil.

While there is no, ‘cure’ for menopause and certainly no way to stop it from coming, you can still live a normal and happy life by working with Mother Nature. To do so via a natural approach, contact the office to schedule your appointment today.