Meet my Acupuncturist

Written by Dr. Nirvana

November 1, 2020

Hello Everyone, welcome to Regenerate You™!

On today’s episode I had the pleasure of interviewing my Acuptuncturist, Satch Purcell.  He is also an Herbalist, Occupational Therapist, and co-host of the Authenticity Show, a podcast about health, creativity and the quest for excellence. He earned his master’s in acupuncture and oriental medicine from South Baylo University in 1997, and a master’s in occupational therapy from Loma Linda University in 2004. He is certified in acupuncture orthopedics and completed advanced training at the Dong Zhi Men Hospital of Orthopedics and Traumatology in Beijing. Satch has worked in private practice as an acupuncturist & herbalist for over 20 years, including 11-years in an opiate recovery center.  He is currently the program director for the occupational therapy assistant program at Stanbridge University in Irvine, California.

The reason I asked Satch to be on my Podcast,  was because his applications in Traditional Chinese Medicine are not like most profressionals in his field. His  techniques are not only gentle but come with a unique approach from the wisdom that he has aquired from skilled Masters TCM. I hope you enjoy listening to him as much as I have throughout the years!

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And remember, when you regenerate, there’s a new you every day!

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