Low Oxygen, Autoimmunity and Hormone Health

Written by Dr. Nirvana

April 25, 2023

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Dr. Nirvana Podcast™!

Welcome to the Dr. Nirvana Podcast. On this episode I discuss how hypoxia (low oxygen in the blood) can cause  deleterious effects on the body, as the it tries to adapt to the lower oxygen levels.

This means that where hormones and autoimmunity are concerned, this can have serious consquences. Primarily  because it affects each cell at the mitochondrial level.

I discuss a few supplements that help those suffering from hypoxia, including my favorite one here.

If you’re looking for additional advice, feel free to visit my blog here. You can also stay connected with me on my Facebook page @DrNirvanaHeals or on my Instagram @DrNirvana.

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