Flush and Detox your Liver

The human body has an amazingly efficient detoxification system, mostly located in the liver. In healthy people, these detoxification processes are in balance, and most of the time function well. However, some diseases, vitamin deficiencies, exposure to tobacco smoke, alcohol, and some drugs can upset the balance between detoxification enzymes.

The detoxification process can be roughly divided into three phases. Phases one through three must work in unison for proper removal of unwanted toxins, drugs or excess hormones.

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Phase One Detox Pathway

Phase one enzymes begin the detoxification process by chemically transforming fat-soluble compounds into water-soluble compounds. Water soluble compounds can easily be excreted, while fat-soluble compounds can be stored in fat cells, where they are protected from the body’s detoxification enzymes. It’s important to note that phase one detoxification can produce toxic metabolites. This is not a problem when the phase two enzymes are working well because they efficiently neutralize toxic phase one products as they form.

However, in some cases, this balance between phase one and phase two activity can become strained, leading to the production of toxic metabolites that cannot be detoxified, causing cellular and DNA damage. Factors that will throw off the balance between phase one and phase two detoxification include smoking, charring foods, alcohol, and some medications.

Phase Two Detox Pathway

Through phase one transformation, the fat-soluble toxin is converted into a more water-soluble form. However, phase I reactions are not always sufficient to make the toxin water-soluble enough,  and in many cases, they render the products more reactive, which makes the toxins potentially more destructive. This is where the phase two enzymes kick in. Phase two enzymes increase the solubility and reduce the toxicity of phase one products.

Phase Three Detox Pathway

The final stage of detoxification is responsible for eliminating toxins and metabolic products from cells. Phase three transporters can be found in the liver, intestine, kidney, and brain, where they act as a barrier against drug or toxin entry.

Flushing the Liver of Toxins

Now that you know how the liver works in detoxing harmful toxins, here’s what you need to know to make sure the liver can do its job optimally.

Glutathione is an extremely powerful antioxidant and a key nutrient for the detox process. It is found in virtually every cell in your body and without it, poisonous toxins that you take in daily would have a devastating effect on your liver cells.

There is yet another pathway involved in the detoxification of the liver that is not yet widely discussed in the allopathic world. It’s known as the kynurenic pathway. It is intimately connected to inflammation, a weakened immune system, and neurological conditions.  It is the primary route for tryptophan breakdown in the liver, and the starting point for the synthesis of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). Dysregulation or overactivation of this pathway can lead to immune system over-activation and accumulation of potentially neurotoxic compounds. If you’ve ever gotten your hormones tested by me, you’ll known that this is one of the detox pathways that I assess. It’s also very telling if someone is experiencing any blood sugar dysregulation issues such as sugar imbalances, metabolic syndrome or diabetes. In order to keep the metabolization of kynurenic acid in check, certain B-vitamins are necessary. These B-vitamins are also essential in the production of the enzymes needed to help the liver in its detox process.

The Liver Flush IV™

While these nutrients can (and should be taken orally in some cases), it’s nearly impossible to get the appropriate dose for a therapeutic benefit when taken by mouth. One reason is due to the fact that (a healthy gut) will absorbed about 60-70% of nutrients when eaten. Making sure your gut health is impermeable to toxins should be addressed daily. This is why it was vital for me to create Gut Be Calm™.

Concurrently, IV (intravenous administration) of nutrients allows your body to absorb every single amount of the vitamins you are taking. Since IVs bypass the gut, you avoid the possible nutrient rejection the gut poses.

Knowing this, I found it crucial to formulate an IV with the necessary nutrients to help flush the liver and nourish the body, thus the Liver Flush IV™ was born.

Being able to quickly and easily receive these critical nutrients in today’s rush-rush society is important. This is why I designed the Liver Flush IV™ to take no more than 5 minutes to receive. It’s prepared in the office as you wait, using the best US-based compounded nutraceuticals. To thoroughly detox you’ll want to receive the IV one to two times a week for a month. Your liver will be thanking you for years to come!