Knowing What is in Your IV and Finding the BEST IV for YOUR Needs

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They may look the same @olsentwins but they are not made the same.

While there may be other IV centers offering similar IVs to Dr. Nirvana’s, most are made using medications (such as Hangover IVs).

Dr. Nirvana’s IVs are created from her years of expertise in Naturopathic Medicine and she tailors each IV to the patient’s needs. Great medicine, takes years of practice and education.

Most IV centers are run by MDs & DOs who have no training in nutrition. How could they create a nutritional IV perfect for you?

There are various IV centers you can walk-in to receive an IV, without even a brief consultation. How do you know how long the IV has been sitting there?  Would you buy food that doesn’t have an expiration date on it? If not, why would you want to use an IV that has no guarantee as to when it was made, and for whom?

Honor your body and what you put into it, including IVs!

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