Hydration IV

Hydration IV

Natural IV Therapy to Nourish the Body

Water is essential to our life and well-being, but sometimes we can come up a bit short and our body will likely tell us about it. Having insufficient hydration can cause your mood and energy levels to dry up.Hydration is vital for digestion and metabolic waste. And electrolytes are essential in order for the body to retain water. Replenishing lost electrolytes and fluid allows the cells in our bodies to function properly and maintain our energy and stability.Your body is about 60-percent water, so even a small decline (such as 1%) can have a negative impact. Therefore more cause to replenish it’s reserves with a Hydration IV.

What an cause your Body to be Dehydrated?

  1. Medications – Many prescription meds are also diuretics, meaning you’ll have to urinate more often. The increased passing of urine will deplete your water supply, so you should check the label to see if excessive urination is a side effect of your prescription. Blood pressure meds are commonly associated with this problem.
  2. Stress – Dehydration can cause you to deal with stress less effectively, while stress can also cause dehydration
  3. Exercise/Sweating – When we perspire, we do not sweat pure water. While water is the primary substance, sweat also contains electrolytes, such as sodium, chloride, potassium, and magnesium, small amounts of urea and lactate, as well as trace elements like copper, zinc and iron.
  4. Alcohol- Alcohol can impair your judgment to realize you’re getting dehydrated, for one thing. Drinking four 2-ounce shots of liquor can cause you to urinate 1-quart of liquid. Let’s do a little math here: a quart is 32 fluid ounces, which is almost 4-times the amount of liquor in this case.
  5. Poor Diet – Did you know that half a plate of produce included with each meal is the equivalent of drinking two glasses of water. You need five portions of fruits and veggies a day, otherwise you need to step up water consumption.

Why are Hydration IVs so popular?

IV therapy is now going mainstream as people are seeking faster, more efficient treatment options that help to rapidly hydrate, increase energy, enhance performance, boost immunity, reduce stress, treat and prevent illness, speed up recovery from work and play and just to simply feel better, faster.

Dr. Nirvana offers the most efficient, Natural method to restore hydration via an IV.  Dr. Nirvana’s Hydration IV decreases the time consuming recoveries from illness, hangovers, jet lag and overall exhaustion.  Dr. Nirvana’s custom blended Vitamin Shots can also be added to the Hydration IV to provide an extra boost of energy lasting for days.

Why Dr. Nirvana’s IV are Superior to the other IV Clinics:

Dr. Nirvana’s IV formulations are unique to standard IVs and use only ingredients of the highest possible grade, produced here in the United States. All of Dr. Nirvana’s IV’s include her very own proprietary blend of botanicals, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are combined in such a manner to maximize absorption in the body. As a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Nirvana has extensive training in the formulation and administration of appropriate nutritional IV compounding preparations, to produce a gold-standard for Nutritional IVs. Because of this, all of the IV’s are custom-made to your body’s exact nutritional requirements for optimum efficacy. Traditional Doctors such as MDs, DOs  and those practicing “functional medicine”, have little, if any, formal training in each of these areas and most have RN’s or Nursing Assistants administering the IVs. However, Dr. Nirvana  works directly with each patient to ensure their proper healing and while implementing safe IV practices. She spends a great deal of time researching the latest and best advances in Nutrition and IV Therapy, ensuring that her patients have the very best care possible.

Experience Nutritional IV Therapy done the right way, by Dr. Nirvana.

What is the Cost of a Hydration IV?

Dr. Nirvana’s Hydration IV is $199

How can I schedule my appointment for a Hydration IV?

Please contact our office to receive your custom formulated Hydration IV.

What is the Length of a Hydration IV?

Within 60 minutes or less, you can leave the office feeling better than ever, while relaxing in a comfortable setting that will revitalize not only your body, but also your soul. IV therapy has always been popular because it works better and faster than oral medication and drinking water. IV’s have also been very popular with progressive physicians, executives, celebrities and professional athletes because they help to quickly fortify the body with a variety of fluids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and other nutrients, helping them to look and feel better and perform at their best.Save