Hormone Imbalances: Expectations vs Reality

Written by Dr. Nirvana

July 17, 2023

Let’s get to some of the bigger reasons your hormones may actually be out of balance. If you want to truly influence your hormones, we have to look at your daily lifestyle influences first.
There is a big symptom that most people experience issues with and that’s SLEEP. It’s not listed below because it isn’t important, but because some of these items are the actual reason you aren’t getting proper sleep:

GI ISSUES: you have to poop daily for healthy hormones, period, (no pun intended). Your gut should be the first place to look at because of the influence it has on hormone health. This goes for men too! Testosterone function has a lot to do with gut and liver health.

COFFEE: you can drink it, but, I always suggest right before a meal (as a digestive) in the morning and make sure it is a mold-free brand. Purity and Life Boost are two of my favorites!

ALCOHOL: this “beverage” stunts your liver’s ability to detox hormones and other gut bugs that can be hindering your health.

STRESS: you may not feel “stressed”, but it can often show up as over-commitment, lack of boundaries, trauma, anxiety, nervous system support, etc.

SOCIAL MEDIA/PHONE: this is not a recovery tool, we have to stop using it to escape. The amount of blue light emitted from technology is detrimental to your hormones and overall health. Most especially hindering your body’s ability to produce growth hormones at night.

CARBS: complex carbs are necessary, 100% – but, protein matters more and our relationship between carbs and protein is the ultimate balance to adrenal health which contributes to weight management.

SKIN CARE: many of our daily products do contain endocrine disruptors which can have a compounding impact on our hormonal health. These are some of my favorites that don’t contain harsh chemicals but do contain peptides for amazing results!

WORKOUTS: the best workout for your body is the one that is based on your current state of health. Do what you can, not what you think you need.

hormone imbalances expectations vs reality

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