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Skincare Tips to Combat Breakouts, Aging, Breakouts and More

Summer is a great season for so many reasons, but it can wreak havoc on our skin. The heat, sweat, and dry air manage to create a perfect storm that sends our complexions into a hot flurry. Luckily, there are easy (and affordable) fixes for all skin conditions effected by the dry heat and more.

Scroll down to reveal my expert tips for banishing sunspots, dryness, breakouts and more.

Dry Skin

Honey face mask

Dry skin is a side effect from excessive sun, heat and dehydration. Air-conditioned buildings can also dehydrate our skin. Of course, remembering to use alcohol-free moisturizers helps keep your skin soft and flake-free. Diet choices also matter. Eating spices like turmeric, cumin, and coriander, which aid in promoting hydration to the skin can be preventative. For a DIY hydrating mask, try using honey with coconut oil and lavender essential oil. Leave it on until it dries and rinse with warm water. Delicious and effective!

Age Spots

DIY lemon facial skin brightening mask

Too much sun exposure can cause dark spots and hyperpigmentation. To make your own DIY Anti-Age Spotting Mask, mix two teaspoons of lemon juice with two teaspoons of sugar. Apply to the skin, gently massage, and rinse with water. Do this exfoliation weekly to lighten the dark areas. The citric acid in the lemon exfoliates and increases cell turnover and lightens the skin as well.


witch hazel flower toner for breakouts

Summer time brings with it travel to new destinations and foods with fun in the sun picnics, camping and possibly greaser food options. To prevent and treat blemishes, try taking oral probiotics, which help balance the body’s internal microbiome. You can also apply a dab of apple cider vinegar to the skin at night to control oil. If your skin doesn’t respond well to pure apple cider vinegar, try using witch hazel.



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