Healing Comes Through Listening to your Emotions

Written by Dr. Nirvana

May 27, 2022

Physiologically, emotions are themselves electrical, chemical and hormonal discharges of the human nervous system.  Emotions influence—and are influenced by–the functioning of our major organs, the integrity of our immunity and the workings of the many circulating biological substances that help govern the body’s physical states. 

When you suppress, your emotions are repressed, this inhibition disarms the body’s defenses against illness.  Repression is dissociating emotions from awareness and relegating them to the unconscious realm, this disorganizes and confuses our physiological barriers so that in some people, these protective mechanisms can go awry, becoming the destroyers of health rather than its protectors.

This is where autoimmunity comes into play.

I find that when many of my patients feel helpless, this is where sickness prevails. They feel blamed or harmed by their loved ones or the world around them. This is why taking control of our health is the best thing we can do for ourselves.

Inside of looking at who or what hurt you, think, How can I be the influencer in my healing journey?”

While all of us dread being blamed, taking responsibility for our health can be the key to our success. How wonderful would it be to have the ability to respond with awareness to the circumstances of our lives rather than just reacting to them? We want to be the person in our own lives that is in charge, able to make the authentic decisions that affect us.  There is no true responsibility without awareness.

One of the weaknesses of the Western medical approach is that we have made the Physician the only authority. But it’s not the Doctor that heals, but the person who decides to embark on what feels good to them, or release that which no longer feels good to them.The more we can learn about ourselves, about the messages our body is trying to communicate and what our feelings mean; the more this brings us closer to hearing what we need to heal. And most importantly taking our power back to heal ourselves.

If we lose the capacity for physical and emotional self-awareness, this is the beginning of debilitating our immunity system and the start of the stress that chronically hinders our health preparing the ground for disease.

Only you are in charge of your own health and its vitality. The healing power is in you, you simply need to ask your body for what it needs.

healing begins with emotions

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