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What is the HCG Diet?

This highly effective diet using “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin” was first developed by Dr. Simeons in the 1950’s. The average female can lose 20-25 lbs. or 2 dress sizes in six weeks. Some people will lose more inches than pounds. The average male can lose 30-40 lbs. and several inches around the waistline in six weeks. The HCG diet consists of painless injections and a healthy diet with lean protein, fruit and vegetables. Chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes are improved and even reversed once the diet is complete. Dr. Nirvana evaluates all patients during the consultation who are interested in weight management with HCG.. People can maintain their weight loss because they learn healthy lifestyle changes during the diet and the decreased appetite can continue after the diet is over. Dr. Nirvana uses only U.S. regulated compounding Pharmacies who manufacture HCG, themselves.

Types of Fat

There are two forms of fat. These two forms are called metabolically active and inactive fat stores. Metabolically inactive simply means these fat stores are meant for long term storage not short term calorie demands. The body looks to save inactive stores for times of food shortages and pregnancy.So often we see people go on low calorie programs only to gain the weight back after they return to their normal diets. This is because the body slows down its metabolic process in the face of low calorie consumption.

So when one starts eating again the body tries to store more by maintaining a low metabolic rate because the body fears a possible famine. The body reduces its calorie demands so it can prepare and store for difficult times. The problem is that we are not having problems finding food. Instead we are just limiting calories for a short duration to lose weight…..in a way we are asking our bodies to do what we are trying to avoid. We eat less for a short period and the body stomps on the metabolic brakes to store calories in preparation for what it perceives to be a food shortage.

The HCG Weight Loss Answer

In the Increased Metabolic Needs of Pregnancy, Dr. Simeons stated that HCG targets these metabolically inactive fat stores without the body perceiving a food shortage. The body doesn’t perceive such a food shortage because HCG releases extra calories into the blood. These extra calories are meant for the developing fetus during pregnancy. In weight loss there is no pregnancy. So the body only sees it has plenty of calories in the blood and has no need to slow down its metabolism. The end result is safe, rapid weight loss without the risk of metabolically down shifting and harming metabolism.

Why HCG is so Effective

The body tends to save calories as fat for times of famine or pregnancy. HCG is the hormonal trigger to release these unwanted pounds. Get ready to drop the pounds quickly, safely and keep them off with Dr. Nirvana’s HCG program.

HCG is Powerfully Effective Because

It answers the common problems of weight loss both safely and naturally. Click here to find more answers to frequently asked questions regarding HCG. * Medical results may vary depending on your metabolism and your overall health.*


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