Bliss with the Happy Shot

Your body is designed to produce chemicals (those ‘happy chemicals’) to combat the stresses of living.There are four main ones listed here, along with how they make you feel.

Dopamine (Satisfaction & Motivation)

Dopamine helps you feel: bliss, pleasure, motivation, and euphoria.It plays a major role in reward-motivated behavior. Feeling rewarded helps boost your dopamine levels. So, if you’re lacking energy or zest for life, give yourself a treat as a reward for an achievement. It doesn’t have to bust your budget. How to feel rewarded? A hobby or interest that fires you up can do the trick and taking some time in nature can be extremely satisfying and rewarding.

Oxytocin (Feeling Loved)

Oxytocin is the love or bonding hormone. A sign of an oxytocin deficiency is aggression. This natural mood enhancer is a natural antidepressant also. It helps build trust and attachment between individuals.

Serotonin (Confidence)

Yep, it is important in helping you feel confident while fighting depression. This feel good chemical improves your ability to learn and recall.

Endorphins (Dealing with Pain)

Endorphins are opioid neuropeptides. They allow us to operate at high levels in extreme situations. If you’re feeling emotionally sensitive and suffering chronic pain, you could be low on endorphins.

How to Boost them All?

Sometimes for various reasons, we need more help getting these feel good chemicals from our food and produced in our body. Receiving the Bliss Shot can help with all the above mentioned neurotransmitter deficiencies.

This is Dr. Nirvana’s unique formulation of botanicals and vitamins helps bring more happiness into your life, naturally. Feeling sad or glum? No worries, Dr. Nirvana’s Bliss Shot will elevate your mood with ingredients normally found in food and nature.