Heal your Gut for Good

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If you’re like most of my patients, the daily struggle with your gut is endless, and it takes up too much of your time and mental space, and limits your lifestyle. Gas, bloating, pain, reflux, food reactions, diarrhea, or constipation sound familiar?

Maybe you’ve tried medications, supplements, a million diets… only to be left frustrated, back where you started, with uncomfortable and embarrassing digestive symptoms.

It’s terrible to be so bloated that you ‘feel’ unattractive, or to hope you won’t have an accidental ‘toot’ at an inopportune moment.  Maybe you’ve chosen to skip social events or have avoided dinner plans, unsure of how your body was going to respond to the foods available to you. Here, I talk about how you can begin healing your gut issues.

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If you are someone suffering from GI disturbances such as leaky gut, chronic constipation, frequent diarrhea, acid reflux, or bloating and gas regularly? Then I am so happy you have found this article.

Your digestive system, also known as your “gut,” is comprised of the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract), and your liver, pancreas, and gallbladder. Your GI tract is made of hollow organs that run from your mouth to your anus. The lining of a healthy gut digests and absorbs the food you eat so that your body can utilize valuable nutrients and excrete waste. In the best-case scenario, this works like a well-lubricated engine. Unfortunately, chronic stress, medications, processed and inflammatory foods, alcohol, cigarettes, and other hormone changes can disrupt the lining of your gut.

When your inner gut lining is compromised, this can cause nutrients and other predigested substances to escape leading to an inflammatory response in your body that can be experienced as bloating, pain, cramps, acid reflux, irregular stools, joint pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, brain fog, and insomnia.

Is your Gut Healthy?

When your gut is healthier, you feel better in general. You have a better mood, have more energy, and don’t suffer from weight issues. Signs of an unhealthy gut include gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, moodiness and overall discomfort after eating. Some people can even suffer from symptoms when they haven’t eaten at all or wake up feeling gastric discomfort which persists throughout the day.

The Causes of an Unhealthy Gut

Being stressed greatly impacts cortisol levels, and stress can be a factor for some people. Medications can also negatively affect gut health while disturbing the micro flora. The use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, antibiotics, antihistamines, caffeine, alcohol, and other prescription and nonprescription drugs renders the intestinal mucosa permeable to toxins and undigested food particles. Poor diet, alcohol and the consumption of animal products are key culprits to chronic inflammation within the gut causing a lowered immune response and overall integrity of the GI system overall.

Improving your Gut Health

  1. Consuming more Vegetables – vegetables provide our body with the nutrients it needs on a day-to-day basis and help to maintain general health as well as decreasing inflammation within the body. They also provide a good source of fiber to keep the gut healthy and help our body eliminate toxins.
  2. Eliminate Food Allergies –  when you are regularly consuming foods that you may not know you have a sensitivity to it creates a great deal of inflammation within the gut. This allows toxins to leak out of the digestive tract and into the bloodstream triggering a reaction that can create pain and inflammation in the gut. Discovering your food sensitivities is key to healing your gut issues. Dr. Nirvana’s Healthy Gut Program can help you to resolve this for good.
  3. Natural antihistamines such as Quercetin, Nettles, Astragalus, Turmeric, and Vitamin C IVs decrease the histamine response by the immune cells responsible for the allergic reactions and resulting symptoms.

Take Action to Heal your Gut for Good

Dr. Nirvana’s Healthy Gut Program will help you to get to the bottom of what is causing your leaky gut. It is imperative so we can treat it effectively. In some cases this is a complex process but one that allows us to tailor treatment specifically to your unique needs. Taking the time to do this properly can rid you of many unpleasant and persistent symptoms thus revolutionizing your health and well being. If you are suffering from GI distress and are ready to invest the time and energy in getting on track for optimal health to regain your vitality back, then consider scheduling a consultation today.

How Gut Be Calm™ can Heal your GI Distress

There are so many different supplements out there that promise the world and deliver nothing. After years of helping patient’s suffering from unnecessary gut issues, I decided to make Gut Be Calm™ available to the public, due to it’s an overwhelming success.

The ingredients in Gut Be Calm™ include nutrients that fuel your entire immune system including the billions of cells that line your intestinal tract. It contains ingredients that are necessary to three primary organs including your brain, liver and kidneys while helping your body to build muscle. Gut Be Calm™ plays an important role in strengthening the lining of the gut while decreasing the loss of electrolytes and water from the small intestines.


If you need further support to help heal your GI issues, remember, I’m here to help.