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Menopause Hormone Therapy

Bio-identical Hormones for Perimenopause and Menopause

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can help women to address the challenges that can develop during mid-life hormonal changes. Usually, imbalances begin to appear around a woman’s late thirties or forties, but each woman is different. Some women may experience hormonal changes earlier due to hysterectomy, diet or high stress. When hormone imbalances occur, they usually occur during perimenopause and menopause. Menopause hormone therapy can improve health and wellness during this transitional phase in a woman’s life.


Perimenopause is the beginning stage of gradual hormone decline. It starts when the ovaries are not producing adequate amounts of estrogen and progesterone. Over the next three to seven years after this phase begins, women can experience symptoms which can include weight gain, headaches, irregular periods, severe PMS, migraines, heavier periods, amenorrhea, and anovulation.


Menopause causes women to have a more dramatic decline in hormone production. The body stops relying on the ovaries for the bulk amount of hormone production and begins to depend more on the adrenal gland hormone stores to secure hormones. At this stage in life most women have more challenges because their adrenal glands are usually not functioning at optimal levels so the ability to regulate hormones is very difficult. Women in menopause can experience symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, insomnia, osteoporosis, fatigue, weight loss resistance, night sweats, low libido, depression, moodiness, and a lack of motivation.


Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy helps women by addressing the deficiencies in ESTROGEN and PROGESTERONE which are the two primary female sex hormones. ESTROGEN carries out numerous functions in the female body, and it works to balance body temperature, strengthen bones, manage weight and maintain elasticity in skin. It also helps to detoxify the brain and improve memory. PROGESTERONE maintains the menstrual cycle and reproductive functions, and it also helps to balance estrogen. When progesterone is deficient, a woman may have an increased risk for uterine fibroids, endometriosis, and breast or uterine cancer. 


Dr. Nirvana can help women determine imbalances and prescribe the appropriate bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. The individualized programs are designed to help transform a woman’s body back to what she remembers to be normal, healthy and vital. While most other Doctor’s simply prescribe based on lab work, Dr. Nirvana thoroughly examines your lab values while using detailed and customized questionnaires to review your medical history while listening to your concerns. Dr. Nirvana believes that treating the whole body, as opposed to just symptoms, is vital to healing the body. Nature and nurture are both necessary to bring balance from the inside out. **Dr. Nirvana works only with highly accredited American based compounding laboratories to formulate the bio-identical hormones for each patient.


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