My Favorite Supplements and a Gift for YOU!

Written by Dr. Nirvana

May 14, 2018

A Discount on My Favorite Supplements – for YOU!

Most of you know that I believe in, and encourage my patients to use professional grade supplements. The reason being is that most nutraceutical products far exceed the quality of products found in retail stores.  In general nutraceutical companies use third party testing to ensure potency of the ingredients and guarantee the products meet the labels claims.  Retail brands have zero accountability and have no one overseeing what is put in the capsule, meaning you really have no idea what you’re putting in your body.  This is one reason I trust Designs for Health nutritional supplements for my patients.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get these products easily delivered to you from Amazon? Well, now you can!  Because convenience is important to so many of us, I reached out to Designs for Health asking if they would be able to offer my patients a special discount, and I they happily agreed. This high quality brand allows my patients to order from Amazon, get the freshest products and the accessibility of Amazon!  You simply need to add this code when placing your first order to receive a discount: DFH61274
As many of you already know, I love helping my patients achieve optimum brain health, hormone health, weight loss, and overall immunity. So, in this post I’ve highlighted some excellent products for you to begin enjoying today from Amazon and Designs for Health.
oral liposomal glutathione discount supplement
Liposomal Glutathione is an exciting glutathione product formulated with liposomal technology. Liposomes are spheres made of phospholipids—the primary building blocks of cell membranes. Liposomes bond easily with cell membranes to facilitate intracellular delivery of their nutrient cargo. Thanks to this enhanced delivery and absorption, nutrients delivered in liposomal form offer superior absorption and bioavailability. Glutathione is one of the most powerful antioxidants naturally produced in the body, as it protects virtually every tissue.
Each 1 mL serving (approximately 2 pumps) of this lemon-peppermint flavored formula provides 100 mg of reduced glutathione.
best brain health supplement
Brain Vitale™ is a unique formulation designed to optimize brain function, and to support healthy cognition, mood, and memory. It contains a comprehensive array of brain-supportive nutrients, including acetyl-l-carnitine, glycerophosphocholine (GPC), phosphatidylserine (PS), Ginkgo biloba, and citicoline. Also included is a unique coffee fruit concentrate extracted from the whole coffee cherry, including the flesh of the berry that surrounds the coffee bean and contains several distinctive compounds not found in coffee beans themselves.   These ingredients work together to provide assistance with various aspects of brain health, such as cell energy production, mitochondrial support, and antioxidant protection.
best hormone supplementFemGuard+Balance™ supports classic herbal hormonal balancing in the form of vitex, polygonum and black cohosh, along with DIM and chrysin for protection and support of beneficial estrogen aromatase activity. Calcium-D-glucarate promotes the proper elimination of excess estrogens. Resveratrol and EGCG from green tea are included for maximum antioxidant protection. Vitamins B6, B12, and folate promote proper cell differentiation.* Magnesium and calcium are also included to help support bone and hormone health.
Remember, all you need to do is to click on the image to take you directly to the link. Once there, you simply need to add this code when placing your first order to receive a discount: DFH61274. Happy health and shopping!

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