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B-Vitamin Shot FAQs

  1. What are the benefits of a B-vitamin Shot vs. an Oral B-vitamin? The B-vitamin Shots are absorbed 100% and immediately, whereas anything taken orally is only absorbed up to 60%-70% and can take hours for absorption. Most supplements taken over the counter contain numerous fillers and chemicals, whereas Dr. Nirvana’s shots contain USA, pharmaceutical grade quality of B-vitamins especially compounded for Dr. Nirvana, without other excipients.
  1. Do the B-vitamin shots hurt? There may be a slight pinch or slight burning sensation, which quickly goes away after the injection. Slight bruising can be common as well.
  1. Where are the B-vitamin shots given? The shots are administered in the upper buttocks. Since this muscle is larger, most are likely to not notice the pinch from the needle as much. B12 shots can be given in the upper shoulder however, because the B12 injectable does not cause a burning sensation.
  1. How often should you get a B-vitamin Shot? Ideally you should receive a B-vitamin Shot once per week. Since all the B-Vitamins are water-soluable, they are used immediately by the body.
  1. How long will the effects of a B-vitamin Shot last? Depending upon how deficient a person is in B-vitamins, the effects will last up to a week. If a person is very deficient in B-vitamins or has a high level of stress, the benefits from the shot may last up to 3-4 days.
  1. Can you receive a B-vitamin Shot more than once per week? Yes. Some people, depending upon their stress level and deficiency can receive up to three shots per week.
  1. What are the potential side effects from a B-vitamin Shot? Most people do not notice any negative side effect from a shot. However, if received on an empty stomach, the B-vitamins may cause nausea. Also some bruising or soreness may be present after the injection of a B-vitamin Shot.
  1. Do you need any bloodwork prior to receiving a B-vitamin Shot? While an actual blood test is not required,  there is an actual blood test for “B12 levels” in the blood, however they are not the gold standard for measuring your actual storage levels of B12. If you are interested in knowing how much B12 your body has in storage form, then a methylmalonic acid (MMA) test can be ran by your Doctor.
  1. Can I receive discounts on B-vitamin Shots? Yes! For those wanting to receive weekly B-vitamin Shots, packages can be purchased through Dr. Nirvana. The minimum in a package of B-vitamins is six shots, which reduce your cost per shot by $5 off each shot. So if you purchase 6 B-complex shots, the cost per shot will decrease from $35 to $30.
  2. What forms of payment are accepted for B-vitamin Shots? Cash or check is the preferred form of payment for all Vitamin Shots purchased through Dr. Nirvana.
  3.  Is insurance accepted as a form of payment for B-vitamin Shots? While the preferred form of payment for B-vitamin Shots is cash or check only, Dr. Nirvana will be happy to provide you with an electronic receipt for you to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.
  4.  How can I find future times and locations for the next Vitamin Shot Clinic? A full monthly, up-to-date, schedule of Vitamin Shot Clinic times and locations can be found here.


Vitamin Shot Clinic

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