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Walk-In Vitamin Shot Bar

Vitamin shots provide a quick solution to low energy, low immunity, stress, anxiety, depression, just to name a few. When you take vitamins via a supplement in oral form, only a small percent of the nutrients are absorbed and used by your body. With vitamin injections, the nutrients are immediately absorbed into your bloodstream for maximum results. Dr. Nirvana’s walk-in vitamin shot bar allows for a quick and easy solution to your busy schedule. Just pop in during any of the times listed below!

Vitamin B12 $25
B-Vital™Shot $35
MEGA Shot $50
GLOW™ Shot $50
Fat Burner Shot $50
Keto Shot™
Bliss Shot $50
Immune Booster Shot $50
Sunshine™ Shot (Vitamin D) $50
Pain-Reliever Shot $45

Dr. Nirvana’s Office
Dec 9, 16, 23, 30
1000 Quail St. #145
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Dr. Nirvana’s Office
Dec 11, 18
1000 Quail St. #145
Newport Beach, 92660

Dr. Nirvana’s Office 
Dec 6, 13, 20, 27
1000 Quail St. #145
Newport Beach, 92660

Method of Payment: Cash or Check

We encourage patients to take walk-in appointments. Dr. Nirvana is always ready to quickly deliver a vitamin shot expediently. No need to go through the process of making an appointment. Just come on in!

Loyalty Rewards Program:

Buy 6 Vitamin Shots and receive $5 off of EACH shot
Whether you are looking to lose weight, boost your immune system or enhance your energy, Dr. Nirvana’s Vitamin shots are tailored for your needs. Each and every shot is made to order for your mind and body. All injectables are made in a US based Pharmacy with the highest of standards.

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