You are What You Absorb

Often times when when practicing Functional Medicine, addressing a root cause can take time, investigation and patience to heal underlying issues. There is a balance between long term and short term solutions. Giving a patient a product that will help them feel better immediately, can ease physical symptoms, boost their spirit and their confidence in feeling well again!

So Why Take Enzymes?

Enzymes are essential to sustain life. They work together cooperating with vitamins and minerals and act as a catalyst to accelerate chemical reactions. Most chemical reactions in biological cells would occur too slowly, but when the body has an abundance of enzymes, it can protect itself and repair the damage from almost all degenerative disease disorders. Without enzymes, we age more quickly, get diseases earlier in life, and acquire physical impairments and mental retardation as our bodies degenerate. Neither a human being nor an animal can live without enzymatic function.
If we take supplements in the correct form, most people would assume that the nutrients are being utilized to give the body the support it needs. Wrong. Without the assistance of digestive enzymes, many of the nutrients from the supplements are going to be used just for energy by the metabolic enzymes to clean up the bloodstream. It will not support the body’s normal daily needs, creating another cause of deficiencies. Remember that lack of enzymes in the body, makes the blood dirty resulting in a cesspool of waste and toxins.
Another problem that arises from a lack of enzymes is that food particles are left undigested and therefore float inside the blood. These food bits which haven’t been digested make the blood sticky, resulting in red blood cells coagulating together. Thicker blood results in a clogged lymphatic system which includes problems with heart health and gall bladder efficiency.

Important Things to Remember:

  1. The source of most health problems can be traced directly back to improperly digested foods.
  2. The human body is designed to break down only half of the food we eat.
  3. Cooked and processed foods overwork and drain the human body’s energy.
  4. Improperly digested food particles in the bloodstream distract the protectors and repairers away from doing their job.
  5. Fat is the best source of energy, fully digested fat is good fat.
  6. It has been clinically proven that the more enzymes you take the more quickly your body can restore, repair and strengthen itself.
  7. The combination of digestive enzymes, vitamins, ionic minerals and clean water gives your body the support it desperately needs.
  8. We have a choice, to add to the body’s ability to protect or repair, or to continually and slowly drain the body’s energy and enzyme reserves. Your choice will be a determining factor in your long-term health.

Your Solution

Healing your gut is the first step and enzymes are one of the tools necessary to assist the process. If you need help balancing your diet or choosing a diet that fits your body type, contact the office to schedule your customized diet protocol today.