Detox IV

Detox Your Body with Natural IV Therapy

Cleanse and Detox Holistically

Have you noticed your body slowing down as you get older? Maybe you are experiencing more aches and pains or feel a drastic change in your metabolism or mental clarity.​ Have you noticed that you it’s easier for you to get sick or your getting sick more often? Or maybe you are simply more fatigued and less motivated to get moving? Detoxing your body can help remove heavy metals, toxins, yeast buildup, and bacteria more efficiently from your body. Fortunately, your body is designed to naturally detox on its own. When people talk about ‘detoxing the body’, they are really referring to the process of helping your body optimize its already existing complex elimination system. Detoxing should really only be done to help reduce the overwhelming amount of harmful toxins we ingest daily, while providing beneficial nutrients our body needs as added detox fuel. Overtime, the body slow downs and filters out toxins less efficiently, due to the exceeding amount of buildup. As we age, we accumulate waste faster than our bodies can get rid of. This is also seen in people with chronic illnesses or diseases. Prevention is the cheapest and easiest way to maintain a healthy body, but when that is not as easy as it use to be, or you simply need a little extra help, a Detox IV is the right choice.

There are various Detox Programs I offer that allow me to help my patients dig deep to remove heavy metals and facilitate healthy elimination of impurities while enhancing overall health. However for those looking to improve their productivity, maximize their healing potential, and detox their body from the inside-out; I have created a special Detox IV to incorporate with or without the Detox Programs.

Custom Tailored IVs

While IVs have become quite popular nowadays, they have been a staple in Naturopathy for many years. I would caution most people going into any IV Clinic not supervised by a Naturopathic Doctor, as well as knowing whether or not the IV Clinic custom-makes each and every IV tailored towards your specific health requirements. Every single body type has different genetics, medical needs and health requirements.So why would you want to receive a generic IV given to just anyone that walks through their door? In my Practice, IVs are used to help patients replenish essential vitamins and antioxidants to nourish the body, while targeting the major detoxification pathways such as the liver. The Detox IV allows the body to bounce back from a rough night, eliminate the body of any new or old toxins and improve immunity overall.

To schedule your appointment to receive the Detox IV formulated specifically by Dr. Nirvana, just for you, please contact the office to begin.