Decoding Your Cravings: What Are Your Desires Trying to Tell You?

Written by Dr. Nirvana

November 14, 2023

Food cravings are truly diverse and flavorful! They can range from a sudden yearning for something salty late at night to a gaping hole in your stomach that can only be filled with ice cream. Cravings hold a great deal of power, but have you ever wondered what lies behind them? Moreover, what is your body attempting to communicate through these irresistible desires?

Cravings can actually be messages from our bodies, telling us about specific deficiencies or imbalances. It’s quite common for many of us to walk around feeling dehydrated, stressed, or anxious. And this unfortunate reality often makes it difficult to understand what our body truly needs or craves, as we already feel off-kilter.

Take sugar cravings, for example. They might indicate that our body lacks critical glucose absorption. In such cases, introducing clean carbohydrates like fruits, potatoes, raw honey, squash, and coconut water can be helpful. On the other hand, salt cravings could mean that we are running low on mineral salts and electrolytes because your adrenals are depleted.. Incorporating foods such as leafy greens, celery juice, sea vegetables, and citrus can address this issue.

Also, when you start eating healthy, you might experience something called pathogenic die-off, which can contribute to those sudden cravings. Basically, as you cut out processed fatty foods, your body starts getting rid of the main food sources for pesky pathogens. But here’s the thing, during this cleansing process, emotional and adrenaline release (often caused by chronic stress) can make you crave fatty foods even more. It’s like your body is crying out for comfort. On top of that, when toxins stored in your body are released during the cleanse, your cravings for fat may increase. It’s actually your body’s way of isolating and getting rid of those toxins. Isn’t it fascinating how our bodies work?

Recognizing these signals and responding with targeted nutrition can actually help restore balance in our bodies. It’s important to understand that addressing comfort food cravings involves exploring the connection between our emotions, the release of adrenaline, and our dietary choices. Sometimes, craving high-fat foods might stem from not consuming enough calories. So, it’s essential to pay attention to our body’s signals and make mindful choices that support our well-being.

It’s just another way of your body trying to be heard!

understanding the meaning behind cravings

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