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Top Five Fat Burning Foods

Top Five Fat Burning Foods

Dr. Nirvana’s Top 5 Natural Fat Burning FoodsHow to Eat and Lose WeightAs a Naturopathic Doctor, my focus on healing has a lot to do with the idea that Food is Medicine, especially when it comes to weight loss. Throughout my years in Practice, I have gathered...

HCG Diet Sale

HCG DIET SPECIAL THE ULTIMATE HCG DIET SALE 50% OFF Let the fat “Fall” away as your prepare for the Holidays. For a limited time only, the first fifty new patients that sign up for the HCG Program will receive 50% OFF HCG. That’s a $250 savings!...

These B-Vitamins can Help Burn Fat

These B-Vitamins can Help Burn Fat Natural Solutions to Weight Loss Losing weight is no easy feat, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing wrong. Most people expect the pounds to melt off after dieting and spending hours at the gym. While this is a place to...

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