The Link Between Food Intolerance, Hormones and Your Gut Health

The Link Between Food Intolerance, Hormones and Your Gut Health

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If you find yourself struggling with food intolerances of any kind, then it’s most likely causing an imbalance in your hormones as well. And if you’ve been diagnosed with low testosterone, PCOSestrogen dominancethyroid issues, or insulin resistance; then your food sensitivities are making them worse.

In this Podcast, I discuss how they’re linked and where to begin to help heal and regenerate your body from the attack on your immune system.

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Losing Weight after COVID

COVID Causing your Weight Gain?

As the shelter-in-place is coming to an end, you may have gotten the impression that some people were more scared of weight gain than catching the virus. Or maybe you are one of the many, that actually did gain a few extra pounds during this time, and you didn’t change much in your diet or exercise routine.

Sadly, it seems that weight gain goes against what society has told us to do from the moment we were able to absorb the message. We are conditioned to celebrate weight loss and treat it as the most incredible thing humans can do, and conversely, we’re conditioned to fear weight gain and consider it as a failure.

But weight loss is NOT us failing. It’s never an indicator of failing, but especially not during these current circumstances – weight fluctuations are an entirely normal response to our lives being very different right now. We are not in our usual routines – far from it, in fact – our anxiety is most likely heightened and we have been prioritizing other things than what our bodies look like. And that’s okay. It’s very okay if your body has changed, because your normal routine has also changed. But if you need a little extra encouragement, here are some tips on how to handle the few extra pounds:


Focus on What you Do Have~Not the Way you Look

It’s easy to focus on your body when you gain weight but try to just shift your attention anywhere else. Do things that increase your energy and overall wellbeing, rather than things that change your body. For example, if you’re having a not so good day judging your body, do an exercise you can like yoga or even stretching – and remind yourself of how strong your body actually is. This helps to take the emphasis away from how it looks (which is not as bad as you judge it to be). Simply, appreciate what you already have, because it’s great!


Accept This is Where You’re Suppose to Be

You’re in the body that you’re supposed to be in right now. Acknowledge that, accept it and show yourself some kindness. You don’t deserve to be punished for a very normal response to changing circumstances.


Confide in Someone you Trust

Feeling terrible about the weight gain? Tell someone. A problem shared is a problem halved and that person is most likely going to tell you – truthfully – that you look great and you don’t need to worry about the few extra pounds. And maybe you can both do something to make each other laugh. Laughter really is one of the best medicines!


You Have Options

If in the end you find that your few extra pounds isn’t coming off the way it use to, or that it’s come on a lot quicker than before…consider testing your hormones. It may just be that your gut has been inflamed, preventing it from making the hormones you need for healthy weight management. Going to the root cause will help to define exactly what you need to do, in order to start feeling like yourself again! The root cause often times has to do with the foods you’re eating. Even though you may be eating healthy, it may not be what your DNA needs as food. That’s why I created the Nirvana Diet™. It’s a simple blood test that tells us what you should be eating based upon your genetics, so you can take the guess work out of knowing what’s good for your body, or not. An apple for one person, reacts differently in one person’s body, than another’s. So if you’re struggling with weight loss, know that you have options!

PCOS 101

PCOS 101

Welcome to my Podcast, Regenerate You, I’m Dr. Nirvana!

In this episode, I’m sharing my podcast with a patient of mine,Tallene, and her husband, Sirak. Tallene originally came to see me a few yrs ago for PCOS, which is polycystic ovarian syndrome. We worked to reverse the PCOS, and also how to regenerate her body naturally. And through this journey, she’s beautifully transformed her struggles into helping others. She’s a registered dietitian and now helps so many women on her Instagram page at pcos.weightloss. So if you’re struggling with PCOS, visiting her page would be a great start. It was such fun sitting down with them both so that we could discuss the PCOS struggle and also how to approach it naturally. I hope you love it as much as I loved chatting with them!

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Why Diets Just Don’t Work

Why Diets Just Don’t Work

why diets don't work

Almost daily I’m asked, “what’s the best way to lose weight?” Most often my patients see random messages or one-liners that speak to one small piece of the weight loss puzzle, and they are intrigued, but more often, they’re confused.

The hardest part is that there is no short answer. It’s complicated.

So I thought I’d try and shed some light on this timeless question as to the best way to lose weight.
To start, our bodies are wired to push us off any diet or restriction – and, even though we tend to think this is a horrible thing, or something we need to overcome and conquer, it’s actually a good thing. Our resistance to dieting is a biological advantage for survival. But that inherent protection against dieting is why dieting is so hard, and leaves us so obsessed with weight and counting calories. It’s also why we get so hungry. It’s why we can’t stop thinking about food. It’s why we binge. And why we almost always gain the weight back. We are simply programmed in this way.
Dieting, the way I see it, puts us in a state of obsession with food. Food obsession is a real thing nowadays and seems to be getting worse. As a society, we definitely feel obsessed when we are restricted in any way. Even just mentally restricted. Dieting makes us fixated on food and this because of a chemical reaction in our brain and in our body. Dieting and restricting make us act obsessed to all types of food. It feels real and it is, but it is just the state we are in when the body is screaming to be fed.
When you are chronically worried about food, it raises your free radicals, insulin, and blood pressure which all damage your brain cells.  Your body naturally has a checks and balances system to make sure you don’t go too far in one direction.  When you’re stressed your catecholamines rise releasing serotonin and GABA to counteract it.  If you’re constantly under stress and releasing serotonin and GABA, you’ll eventually desensitize to them and they’ll become depleted.  This leaves the catecholamines to run rampant.  Excess amounts of catecholamines in your system leads to depression, anxiety, and insomnia.  Which means your feel-good hormones get depleted, circling back to the feelings of anxiety, depression and obsession!


If you feel that you’re obsessed with food, it’s because your body is trying to communicate with you and begging you for help. Please listen. When you do, you’ll be able to stop your battle with dieting for good and any obsession that you created to go along with it.

Let’s do this together, I’m here to help you to start listening (and healing) your body.

(some material sourced from caroline dooner)

How to Know if Your Hormones are Imbalanced

How to Know if Your Hormones are Imbalanced

Welcome to my Podcast, Regenerate You! I’m Dr. Nirvana and in this episode, we will discuss the signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalances and what you can do to heal your body by regenerating your hormonal health.

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And remember, when you regenerate, there’s a new you, everyday!

Regenerative Health Program™

Regenerative Health Program™

The Regenerative Health Program™

I’m so glad you’re here.

By allowing me to help you, you are about to end your battle with fatigue, lack of confidence, a constant state of discomfort, mood swings, painful periods and a simple lack luster for life.

How can my Regenerative Health Program™ help you? Let’s discuss how I will reprogram every cell of your body, to come back to life.

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Navigating your own health is similar to starting a new recipe without knowing how to cookYou have an idea of what ingredients to use, but have no idea how to put it all together.

This is where I come in…

I found the Regenerative Health Program™ to help teach you how to renew every cell of your body

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I’m dedicated in helping you have a firm grasp on understanding why your health turned upside down, while supporting your decisions to choose whichever path you prefer in the healing process.



Reinventing Your Health

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