MTHFR Defects and Estrogen Dominance

MTHFR Defects and Estrogen Dominance

The Link Between Estrogen & MTHFR

MTHFR is an enzyme that adds a methyl group to folic acid to make it usable by the body. The MTHFR gene produces this MTHFR enzyme that’s also important for proper metabolism, muscle growth & glutathione production. If you have a mutation in MTHFR, you may have trouble effectively eliminating toxins from the body or balancing hormones.


How Does this Manifest in your Body?

  1. High cholesterol
  2. Difficulty getting pregnant/birth defects
  3. Estrogen dominance
  4. Low energy

But if you suffer from bloating, abnormal periods, acne, mood swings, fibroids, blood clots, endometriosis, PCOS or irritability, these symptoms are signs of Estrogen Dominance. And your body removes estrogen through the process of methylation. So if you have a defect in the MTHFR gene/enzyme, estrogen builds up making your symptoms worse.


What can You do to Help?

Though it isn’t possible to change a gene, there are things that can be done to minimize the potential for problems.

  1. Focus on gut health – It’s important to focus on gut health so that the body can absorb the nutrients from food as effectively as possible. This also helps avoid candida, which can make MTHFR related problems worse.
  2. Get your Bs – Supplement w/methylated form of B vitamins so that your body doesn’t have to “deal with the defect” & work around it. And if you’re in the area, stop by my office for a Mega Shot™!
  3. Detox – Give your liver a much needed boost to help with the clearance of hormones quicker. My Detox IV is perfect to help a sluggish liver get the necessary nutrients to eliminate easily and quickly.
My Top Anti-Viral Protection Tips

My Top Anti-Viral Protection Tips

Welcome to Regenerate You! I’m Dr. Nirvana. In this podcast, I discuss what I use to help protect myself, my family and my patients from all viruses including COVID-19. Many of my patients have been asking what they can do to help support their immune system against COVID. What’s important to remember is that it’s not just about keeping viral particles away from the nose, mouth and eyes. There are other methods to entry that most don’t think when it comes to protecting the body. In this Podcast, I share my tips on protecting the body from viruses, as well as the one part of the body that is at most risk. 

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What you Need to Know about the Coronavirus

Coronavirus Facts

Natural Prevention against Coronavirus


What you Need to Know

Hearing news of canceled events, travel bans, and quarantines can be unsettling for sure. You start to wonder whether coronavirus is the next bubonic plague, or if it’s just a bad cold that you’ll catch and get over. One news outlet says it’s going to wipe us all out, others say it’s overblown and the world needs a chill pill. You start to wonder whether officials are telling the truth, and if they’re leaving out scary information to avoid a public frenzy.

Here are a few quick facts about coronavirus:

  • It’s not new — the first strains were discovered in the 1960s. You’ve probably been exposed to at least one strain of coronavirus at some point in your life.
  • Regular old influenza is still far more concerning to the medical community with regard to spread, severity, and deaths. There are 86 identified cases of coronavirus cases and two deaths in the US. For perspective, this season, flu infected 45 million Americans and caused 61,000 deaths.
  • Usually, epidemics most severely affect infants, the elderly, and people who are already dealing with severe health issues. Coronavirus doesn’t seem to affect infants, children, and healthy adults very severely, and a large portion of the elderly and health compromised people are making full recoveries.

So, does that mean you should ignore the coronavirus hype? No, it’s not a good idea to act like nothing’s happening. There are ways to reduce your chance of getting it and be ready to fight it if you need to. A strong immune system is key to coming out on the other side of a pandemic stronger than you were before. Here are some things you can try.


Preventing Coronavirus Infections

Whether you feel sick or not, there are things you can do to keep your immune system strong and ready for anything that comes your way. Here are some basic practices to keep your systems running efficiently.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C may prevent illness. One study showed that participants who took daily vitamin C supplements were less likely to get a cold and those who did fall ill recovered faster. Vitamin C is easy to take, inexpensive to buy and available at every grocery store and pharmacy. But to get the full benefits, consider doing a Vitamin C IV at least once a week to keep your immune system fighting at full force.



The Coronavirus seems to spread much like flu, through coughs and sneezes. Once contracted, it lives and replicates in the tissues that line the airways. Secretions from these tissues – mucus and saliva – therefore also contain the virus. When an infected person coughs, sneezes, or simply talks, tiny droplets of moisture are expelled into the air, carrying the virus out of the body. Unless you are directly in the firing line, you should be safe. Droplets travel only up to 7ft. If you’re looking to keep the bugs at bay, consider sucking on some zinc lozenges to line your upper respiratory tract with viral boosting support!



When the lung tissue is exposed to toxins and other factors that increase oxidative stress, glutathione concentrations are depleted and sometimes blocked from being recycled back into its usable form. When lungs are stressed with a respiratory tract infection, their capacity to clear immune factors and fight against viral and bacterial sources becomes challenged. Increasing glutathione concentrations in the lung therefore, can be beneficial in getting over a cold and recovering lung function/ capacity. It only takes 5 minutes to receive a glutathione IV to keep your lungs and your antioxidant levels up to par!


Constitutional Hydrotherapy

A fever is your body’s way of turning up the heat on bacteria and viruses. Most germs can only live in a certain small temperature range, so those few extra degrees that register on your thermometer can tip the balance and kill harmful microorganisms in droves. You can raise your core temperature using a dry sauna, infrared sauna, or a hot bath. Once you’ve warmed your body for 20 minutes or so, switch to a cold shower. Cold constricts your lymph vessels which pushes fluid along. When you have a cold, lymph collects waste products like dead bacteria and damaged cells, and moves them through to your lymph nodes for elimination. Clearing waste out of the way helps your immune system work more efficiently and pulls you closer to recovery.


Get Herbal

  • Oregano contains carvacrol, a broad-spectrum antimicrobial compound that chips away at a virus’ membrane capsule (capsid), causing it to dissolve
  • Clove has antiviral and antioxidant properties that can lessen the severity of an illness
  • Bupleureum root, a Chinese herb, contains saikosaponin, a compound that has demonstrated effectiveness against several coronavirus strains.
  • Goldenseal and Oregon grape root both contain berberine, which is an antibacterial and antiviral compound that science shows is effective against flu
  • Mullein has been used traditionally for thousands of years for respiratory conditions, even severe illnesses like pneumonia. Its compounds have anti-inflammatory properties, which can soothe irritated airways, and it is an expectorant, which could break up mucus.


Call me first. I’m here to help you…

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The Most Important Vitamin for Your Thyroid

The Most Important Vitamin for Your Thyroid

Protecting Your Thyroid

The Most Essential Vitamin for Your Thyroid


Your Thyroid Releases Toxins

During the production of thyroid hormones (T4 & T3), a large amount of free radicals are normally produced as well. The free radicals are toxic and must be eliminated as soon as possible in order to prevent the negative effects if they’re accumulated.


Your MUST – Have Antioxidant

This is where my very most favorite antioxidant, widely known as the “mother of all antioxidants” aka Glutathione, comes in handy. When Glutathione is present in appropriate levels in your body, it’s able to address the free radiacal damage and solve it in a matter of minutes, preventing any negative effects from occurring. However, if your body is struggling with Glutathione deficiency, the free radicals will accumulate causing an imbalance in the thyroid and soon in your overall health as well.

But that is not all….If your immune system is, for any reason, compromised, it can cause an imbalance in the Th1/Th2 system, causing it to attack its very own healthy body tissues. This will ultimately result in autoimmune disease.

This might be the first time that you are hearing about the importance of Glutathione, but if you’re interested in keeping your thyroid gland (and your immunity) in the best shape ever, you’ll want to incorporate this into your lifestyle as if it’s your BFF!

I uses it for so many different areas of my Practice such as:


Increasing Glutathione Naturally

Even though your body produces glutathione on it’s own, it’s usually not enough in cases of severe oxidation such as in adrenal fatigue, hormone imabalance, neurodegernative disease, and Hashimotos or general thyroid disease.

So what can you do on your own?

  • Increase your vitamin C – Vitamin C IVs for example help to increase levels of glutathione found in your white and red blood cells. For my patients I add glutathione to the IVs for an extra powerful boost of antioxidants!
  • Increase this Liver Herb – Milk thistle is a herbal supplement extracted from a plant called Silybum marianum. It contains three compounds, all of which are known for their strong antioxidant properties. But that is not all. Milk thistle is also known to increase the Glutathione levels in the body. So consider buying yourself a quality milk thistle supplement.
  • Avoiding Alcohol – if you drink excessive amounts of alcohol on a regular level this exposes you to a decrease in Glutathione levels, especially in your lungs, by 80 to 90%. So take a break from the vino or try decreasing the amount of martinis.


Regaining Control of your Thyroid

Navigating your thyroid issues can be overwhelming. Whether you’re trying to determine the underlying cause, making sure you’re eating enough of the right foods, or eliminating factors that wreak havoc on your thyroid.

Call me first. I’m here to help you…

Reinvent your relationship to food and your body, so that you can live inspired, doing the things you love, without worrying about your health.

I’ve been helping people with complex cases, like yours, in my Practice for years, very successfully!

How? Well it doesn’t involve medications or a radical change in your lifestyle. It just requires your trust in yourself as well as a small amount of time.

My Regenerative Health Program™ allows you to do what you need to do naturally, to get better for good! Yes you read that right.  This is because it’s all about balancing your body which include three fundamental areas. Your liver, your hormones, and your gut. That’s it.

keto diet and hypothyroidism hashimotos


The Regenerative Health Program is perfect for you if you:

Are committed to getting results.

Willing to be listened to and heard.

  Want to heal naturally.


If this is you, I welcome you to contact me here, to heal your thryoid.

Boost Your Immunity Naturally

Boost Your Immunity Naturally

The Powerful Benefits of Glutathione

If you haven’t heard of glutathione yet, you will. In terms of staying healthy, it’s one of the most important molecules in the body. To appreciate the power of Glutathione, an understanding is needed of the process of oxidation which damages our cells on a daily basis. But to put it simply, I like to call it the Pac Man (or woman) of the immune system. It makes it’s way throughout the body, chomping on the bad guys.

Essential body processes such as breathing, digestion, energy production, immune function, the detoxification of harmful substances including alcohol, drugs or pollution and hormonal activity, produce destructive substances known as free radicals.The process by which these highly reactive free radicals are produced is oxidation. A good example is a freshly cut avocado turning brown.

Pollution, sun exposure, stress, smoking, excessive exercise, radiation and burnt food accelerate the production of free radicals.

Oxygen literally burns, which is why a cut fruit such as an avocado becomes brown. Squeezing antioxidant rich lemon juice (which is high in vitamin C, another powerful antioxidant) onto cut avocado will prevent oxidation and maintain the color of the fruit. In a similar way, our bodies have the internal resources for the ongoing fight against free radicals, one of the principle defenses being antioxidants such as glutathione. Oxidative stress occurs when there is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants, and is a factor in the development of many chronic illnesses and accelerated aging.

There is more to glutathione than its antioxidant capacity. It is also a powerful detoxifying agent and is highly concentrated in the liver as well as being found in every cell of the body. The liver is a miraculous organ with many vital functions that include the ability to detoxify harmful substances in the body. This process by which liver enzymes chemically change wastes and toxins so that they can be dissolved in water and excreted, is known as liver detoxification. There are two phases of detoxification, phase one and phase two.

In Phase One, toxic substances are combined with oxygen (oxidized) to destroy the harmful free radicals This stage produces intermediate, highly reactive toxins that can be more poisonous than the original toxins and they must be further transformed for excretion from the body. This is where glutathione comes in.

In Phase Two the toxins need to be joined together (conjugated) with another substance and converted from a fat soluble into a water soluble state so that they can leave the body through the urine or feces. Depending on their type, the toxins are combined with different substances, via six different chemical pathways. The glutathione conjugation pathway is a major detoxification pathway.

Glutathione in the Diet

Glutathione is made by the body from its component amino acids, glycine, glutamate and cysteine. These amino acids are found in protein foods such as fish, chicken, eggs, meat, lentils, beans and pulses. However, the body doesn’t always convert these building blocks into glutathione very efficiently. Additionally cysteine isn’t always in plentiful supply in the diet. Finally, digestive problems can lead to deficiency, despite adequate intake. Glutathione itself is found in fish, meat, seeds and nuts. However it tends not to survive the stomach acid without being broken down. This is why the IV form of glutathione is the most recommended and potent methods of delivery. This process allows for the maximum absorption and utilization of glutathione immediately.

The Importance of Health and Glutathione

An efficiently working liver is crucial to overall health. Glutathione stores in the liver can be easily depleted. The persistent stress of modern day living and the many thousands of toxic substances in the environment, for example pesticides, pollution, plastics, household cleaners, cosmetics and pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol and chemicals in packaged foods, and stress will all use up supplies of glutathione, leaving the liver vulnerable to toxic damage. People with hepatitis and alcoholics have been found to have chronically low glutathione stores.

If you find yourself in need of strengthening your overall health or immunity quickly, then regular Glutathione IV therapy can assist you greatly. It’s important to note, that consistent dosing is imperative to heal and repair any underlying stress or disease to the body. Therefore, regular IV therapy (once a week or more) can greatly enhance results. To schedule an appointment to receive a Glutathione IV, please contact the office below.

Protect your Body from Radiation Exposure

Protect your Body from Radiation Exposure

Protect your Body from Radiation Exposure

If you suspect that you have been exposed to radiation, think of sipping ginkgo tea instead of drinking coffee or tea. Antioxidant extracts of the leaves of the Gingko biloba tree may protect cells from radiation damage, according to a study published in the International Journal of Low Radiation. Ginkgo leaf extract contains antioxidant compounds called ginkgolides and bilobalides which help scavenge free radicals. The compounds are thought to protect cells from damage from oxidative stress or “disease” in the body.

This information important for those undergoing radiation treatment, as well as for those who are exposed to radiation from airplanes and every day technology, or work in an environment such as hospitals that put them at risk for radiation exposure.

In an abstract by Ingrid Emerit, “Clastogenic Factors: A Link Between Chronic Inflammation and Carcinogenesis” she states: “Clastogenic factors (CF), also called chromosome breakage factors, were first described by radiobiologists in 1968…It was noted that not only do therapeutically or accidentally irradiated persons show an increased frequency of chromosome breaks and rearrangements in their own cells, but the plasma of these persons contains chromosome damaging material able to induce chromosome damage after transfer into cell cultures. These CF were circulating in the blood stream of the irradiated persons even years after the irradiation event.

The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, making ATP energy. It is vital that the mitochondrial membrane contains a substance called cardiolipin. Unfortunately, when radiation causes cellular membrane damage it also attacks the mitochondria and its membrane, thus displacing cardiolipin, causing severe energy leaks. Remember that we can’t heal without functioning mitochondria.

protection against radiation, holistic treatments radiation

Staying Protected Against Radiation

Glutathione’s role is to prevent damage or cell death from happening. The importance of glutathione’s function is illustrated in the fact that every organ system in the body has diseases associated with reduced levels. When levels are low, mitochondria function is impaired; conversely, impaired mitochondria compromise glutathione. Receiving weekly glutathione IVs, can help to boost your body’s natural detoxification and healing process from radiation, while improving the health of the mitochondria.

Lemon Balm has been used over the centuries to promote relaxation, sleep and improved memory.But most importantly, lemon balm has the potential to protect our cells from radiation. A study, using radiation technicians who were being exposed to low levels of daily radiation, revealed that lemon balm had various protective effects. After drinking 1.5 grams/100ml lemon balm tea twice a day for 30 days, cell damage was accessed. The subjects showed a 12% increase in glutathione peroxidase, an enzyme that protects from oxidative damage. It was also established that lemon balm protected DNA inside the nucleus of the cell. (Zeraatpishe A, Oryan S, Bagherri MH, et al. Effects of Melissa offiinalis L. on oxidative status and DNA damage in subjects exposed to long-term low-dose ionizing radiation. Toxicol Ind Health. 2011 Apr:27(3): 205-12)

Astaxanthin, one of the most powerful antioxidants available (65 times more potent than Vitamin C), is derived from a microalgae called Haematococcus pluvialis. Astaxanthin protects our skin from ultraviolet rays, protects our retinas, and crosses the blood brain barrier, protecting our brain from free radical damage. But it too can protect us from radiation exposure.

It is wise to keep these above-mentioned natural radiation protectors on hand. Before flying or getting a CT scan, take a week prior and a week after the trip or procedure to mitigate cellular distress. Your cell membranes and DNA will celebrate your efforts to protect their delicate workings.

If you suspect that you have been exposed to any kind of radiation, please contact the office to schedule an appointment for a glutathione IV as soon as possible.