This B-Vitamin Helps Turn Back the Clock

Written by Dr. Nirvana

May 16, 2018

This B-Vitamin Helps Turn Back the Clock

How to Reverse Aging Naturally

Could a single vitamin help us turn back the clock on age-related illness, as well as physical and mental decline? In a new study published in the medical journal Nature Communications, researchers showed that vitamin B-3, boosted a key enzyme in our cells that could potentially slow the aging process.The enzyme is called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) and it’s found in all cells. It’s responsible for DNA repair. It also works with proteins to preserve health — particularly under conditions of stress — and is a key component in the creation of cellular energy.

reverse aging naturally

How NAD+ and Vitamin B-3 work Together

At birth, the body has a healthy supply of NAD+. However, it diminishes with age. To date, the most common way of boosting those levels later in life has been through strict calorie reduction. Vitamin B-3 is found in very low levels in food sources, such as whole milk, and it’s the synergy between NAD+ and vitamin B-3 that sustains healthy living. However, as the amount of NAD+ in the body declines naturally with age, the energy level of numerous enzymes is also decreased. Since NAD+ is required to convert fuel into energy that powers muscles, circulates blood, and initiates the repair process for damaged DNA, diminishing levels of this molecule are what causes aging to become evident.

The new research showed that use of vitamin B-3 as a supplement can lead to similar health benefits that occur when NAD+ levels are boosted through a strict calorie reduction program. Researchers looked for measures of cardiovascular health, metabolic function, motor performance, and exercise capacity. They found that vitamin B-3 may normalize blood pressure, a risk factors for heart disease.

Where to Start

While diet modification and exercise are an essential part of any healthy lifestyle change, giving your body nutritional support is just as important. Regular administration of Vitamin IV therapies, particularly the Anti-Aging IV, can help to give your body the necessary dose of vitamin B-3 to help reverse aging naturally. To receive your customized IV, schedule your appointment here.

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