How your Genetics Determine the Outcome of your Health

When most of us think of genes, we think of the ones that determine particular characteristics such as whether we have brown hair, blue eyes or long legs. These are our genes that are “fixed” and are only few in number. By far the vast majority are the thousands of genes that direct all our biochemical processes that render us susceptible to the many chronic diseases so many people are experiencing today. While we are each born with a set of genes, we can change how they are expressed.

This means that most genes in and of themselves do not create disease. Rather the likelihood of developing disease and disability is determined by the way we live our lives and by the choices we make. You may have the genes for and be susceptible to heart disease or diabetes or arthritis, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will get those diseases. In other words, these genes do not cause disease per se unless they are thrust into a detrimental environment, one conducive to expressing these genes as chronic disease.

NUTRIGENOMICS decoding genetics to assist in weight loss

Of all the factors, diet is the easiest to control and probably the most important determinant of how our genes are expressed.

Because of this, I came to develop The DrNirvana Diet™. The genetic testing offered with The DrNirvana Diet, shows how different foods may interact with specific genes, how food “talks” to our genes and how our genes express themselves after the conversation. It is confirming that food provides potent dietary signals that directly influence the metabolic programming of our cells and modify the risk of common chronic diseases. It is telling us that food is information, that it contains “instructions” which are communicated directly to our genes.

When you receive your results you will see how your genes dictate various metabolic actions and affect millions of critical biological processes in your body. These include cholesterol levels, aging, hormone regulation, weight gain and loss, and much more. Eat the right foods and they will send instructions to your genes for good health. Eating the wrong foods however, sends messages for disease. Again this is reliant upon your own genetics. You may be surprised to find out that eating carbohydrates is good for you, or that increasing your fat consumption may lower your risk for cardiovascular disease.

Are you ready to reveal the many answers being held withing your own DNA? If so, contact us here for an appointment to begin.