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Welcome, I’m Dr. Nirvana, a Naturopathic Doctor. I’m so glad you’re here! I’m thrilled to share with you, my approach to treating the person from the inside-out. A process focusing on natural regeneration of the body.

Navigating your own health is similar to starting a new recipe without knowing how to cook. You have an idea of what ingredients to use, but have no idea how to put it all together.

That’s where I come in…

I help to guide you step by step, on which ingredients to buy and how to put the recipe together. I take your entire picture, along with your labs and paint a clear picture of how you got to where you are, what to do to fix it, and what’s coming down the pipeline if you don’t act now.

But make no mistake, while I’m guiding you and giving you direction, it is YOU who takes the step. It is you who does the work.

Your Body is on Your Side, and so am I.

My job is to teach you how to care for your body so well that you know exactly what to do when things get a little off balance. I’m always standing by your side to help.

If you’re suffering from symptoms of imbalance, hair loss, chronic fatigue, PMS, hypothyroidism, adrenal dysfunction, fibroids, endometriosis and have seen everyone and tried everything, I will offer you solutions on your healing journey.

Throughout my travels throughout the world, and throughout my years in Practice; I have formulated the most innovative strategies to guide you in creating the most comprehensive plan anchored in diet, lifestyle and natural therapies to get you quick relief and create long lasting health.

I am the first doctor to create a comprehensive protocol to address biochemical-related hair loss and diet-related hair loss. The soluitions address the long term side effects and consequences associated with hair loss and endocrine dysregulation.

And when it comes to your health, I founded Naturopathic Regenerative Medicine. A program I designed to help you regenerate every cell of your body, so there’s a new you everyday!


I am dedicated in helping you have a firm grasp on understanding why your health turned upside down, while supporting your decisions to choose whichever path you prefer in the healing process.


Ready for a change? Discover the Real You…a healthier, more vibrant you.


Begin your Naturopathic Regeneration here.

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Dr. Nirvana is a Naturopathic Medicine Expert. She uses Holistic Integrative Medicine to help you find the answers to the cause of your illness and the nutritional and biochemical imbalances that may be making you feel ill. Naturopathic medicine is personalized medicine that deals with root cause of disease instead of just treating symptoms. Dr. Nirvana will search for underlying triggers that are contributing to your illness through cutting edge lab testing and tailor the intervention to your specific needs as an individual. She may use diet, supplements, lifestyle changes or bioidentical solutions to treat your illness; while seeking the most gentle way to help your body restore balance along with the least invasive treatment possible. She seeks to promote wellness and create solutions, health and healing by working with you.

disclaimer: results may vary from person to person