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B-Complex Shot Benefits

The B-Complex Shot


Vitamin B complex is a group of twelve, water soluble vitamins that when converted into their coenzyme form are able to maintain cell metabolism.

Dr. Nirvana’s B-Complex shot offers twice the amount of B12 than the regular B12 shot AND includes all of the other B-Vitamins!

What are the Benefits of a B-Complex Shot?

  • Increase energy, alertness, and prevent low bodily
    oxygen levels that have been implicated in causing cancer
  • For the detoxification of dangerous environmental
    contaminants, like cyanide
  • For the synthesis of neurotransmitters in the brain and
    the maintenance of nerves
  • To break down fats and prevent fat build up
  • To create energy production from fats, proteins &

What does the B-Complex Shot Include?

  • B 1 – Thiamine: nerves, heart, insomnia, anemia &
  • B 2 – Riboflavin: cataracts, depression, & migraines
  • B 3 – Niacin: HDL, diabetes, heart attacks, arthritis,
    nervous sytem stabilization, & schizophrenia
  • B 5 – Pantothenic acid: adrenals, blood, constipation
    acne & stress
  • B 6 – Pyridoxine: blood, energy, heart attacks, autism
    homocysteine, arthritis, asthma, thinking, vomitting & MSG
  • B 9 – Folic acid: nerves, homocysteine, birth defects
    anti-cancer, & DNA
  • B 12 – Methylcobalamin: nerves, blood, homocysteine, asthma,
    sperm & Alzheimer’s
  • Biotin – hair, nerves, & depression

Where can you receive your B-complex Shot & What is the Cost?

Dr. Nirvana offers this shot for only $35. For times and locations please click here. Dr.Nirvana only works with highly accredited, American based compounding pharmacies to formulate her ingredients, with the purest standards possible.

For regular B-Complex shots (once a week or more, packages are available for excellent savings of $5 off each shot)

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